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The current state is unacceptable. They should do more wiretapping! This will increase hardware sales and create additional jobs for software engineers, network engineers, etc. I am counting on it! (And besides, I worked for Endace).

There is yet another reason - they still do not have enough intel on everybody! Proof? Easy! Every 2 years I go to the American consulate to extend my US visa. This year they selected me for an administrative check, once again. A good engineer can make a weapon out of anything, so they want to check if I have a motivation to mess with this shit. So they consider me a worthwhile engineer. I am very pleased.

I am not pleased with the processing time: I was told I should start worrying if it takes longer than a month! What the heck? Don't they have everything needed for analysis handy? My gmail, blog, facebook, search queries! (Of course if I search for a backpack or pressure cookers I use yandex, but still!) They read it all, what else do they need????

"Товарищ майор, будьте добры, чашку чаю!"I mean can you guys expedite it please, I need my passport for other trips!

Upd: After I posted this, I received an email from lj robot saying that it failed to copy this post to my facebook. Strange - it worked with all my previous posts... "Спасибо, товарищ майор!"


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