Dec. 31st, 2015 03:20 pm
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2015: Jacob is growing. Very funny to observe him learning russian vocabulary and grammar.

Q1: Intel IOT devkit: Hackathon in Romania, demo at Embedded World, enhancements, customer PoC.
Q2: A lot of politics, as a result I moved back to work on Intel servers from embedded. Good vacation. I am almost at a ~2 stars AIDA freediving, and it seems like I'll never approach 3 stars (which is fine.)
Q3: Getting back to speed at new old job, travelling to old new peer teams. Working on stuff to deliver in Q4.
1. Great trip to Israel to help a customer, solved a bug that was investigated by tens of engineers for almost 2 months. It appeared to be not a bug in a product I support but a very nice combination of Linux kernel and BIOS bugz :)
2. Delivered a keynote at a programming conference - very different experience in preparation and run comparing to speaking on some particular technical topic.
3. Delivered a talk on Virtualization performance issues at Linuxcon.
4. Implemented an interesting enhancement to DPDK, hope to submit a patch in Q1.
5. In Q1, I decided that Java support is important, and implemented basic Java support for Intel IOT devkit middleware. The team implemented the rest (that is second 90% of the work), and it was released at JavaOne.

2 patents on real time stuff I submitted few years ago are now in "published" state at USPTO web site. Waiting if they would be granted.
Published some stuff on habrahabr and software.intel.com. Will keep posting in 2016.

1. got 2 original XZ Spectrums from ebay working. Sometimes I run my sweet old games.
2. Also bought couple of ancient ICs from 70s on ebay, but only made one work: a very first SRAM chip.
3. Downside: still struggling with an FPGA dev board, failing to run anything but trivial samples.
4. Unfortunately I did not find any time to code something fun as I hoped. But instead I played with my son a lot, that was great.

Thanks a lot dear colleagues, sorry I probably can't spell names here because of privacy concerns. But you all are on Facebook anyway :)


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