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Much like in a healthy coral forest, fish is abundant in a kelp forest.

Garibaldi fish is smiling and watching me. Garibaldis are the least cautious and friendliest fish out there.

The most common is perch
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I don't know why the sharks roam on a sand bank and do not approach kelp forests
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where there is more fish.

A school of bigger fish.
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And smaller.
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And the biggest.
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A starfish.

All my pics from Malaga cove and Bluff cove dives last weekend are in a picasa album
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When freediving, one has to move the limbs slowly and placidly to conserve oxygen in the muscles.

It is even more important when flying through a kelp forest - or else it is easy to get entangled. Just in case, I was still setting aside ~30 seconds on every dive.

The colors are blue, all shades of green and red.
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So it is more fun than in real forest (and I am a very big fan of walking in forests)

Tropical seas are the brightest of course, but kelp forests are not far behind.
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Individual kelp plants are more sophisticated than most corals.
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I am in LA until this Friday, attending a conference. This is the first time at this conference when my presentation was ready one month in advance (thanks a lot organizers!). So I had more time to prepare for a freediving trip I planned for this Sunday.

These days the waters of Pacific near LA are extremely calm:

The ocean waves are coming from south, so to make it even better I selected north facing beaches for our trip: Malaga cove and Bluff cove. Now I recommend Bluff cove, my experience shows that it is reasonably safe to ignore danger signs there.

In Bluff cove, there are two juvenile sharks (each about 1 meter long) hunting on a sand bank.

They were very afraid of me and it took me some time to take a picture where they are somewhat visible. Now I am processing other photos. I have a lot of time in early morning because of a jet lag :)


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