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It is really a very important holiday for me. No emails from US, I finally caught up with all the work stuff that I was flunking with recently. Committed all my fresh code to git, and won't do anything work related this weekend :) Except may be testing this device (registration required)
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Intel Galileo is powered by a 5V DC. One of the Galileo boards on my work desk is sitting next to NUC, which is powered by 19V DC. Unfortunately the power plug is the same, so once I mixed them up and tested if Galileo works when plugged to 19V.

It does! It booted OK so I noticed something wrong only after it hanged after 5 minutes of operation. I wanted to press a reset button, but when I tried the device was really hot! Now it works almost OK, but there is a lasting damage. RS232 output sometimes stops working on this board, I guess voltage conversion to 8V was damaged.
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Two days ago I went to a meetup to answer questions on Intel Galileo board and software. As always, there were many questions regarding positioning of Galileo vs RasPi and BBB.

One funny thing there was that there was a lady advertising a maker's fair in Munich, saying that "Even normal ppl are welcomed there, not just engineers". After some of ~80 engineers at the meetup started laughing, she had repeated the phrase twice :)

On my way home I've overheard a part of a funny conversation: One big Russian guy to another: "Kolyan, you must be kidding ('да ты гонишь!'), it can't be that Toyota is manufacturing Lexuses! Toyota only produces simple cars for ordinary ppl('для лохов'), and Lexus is a cool Japanese car('крутая японская тачка') for cool men ('правильных пацанов')".
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When studying electrical engineering 15 years ago I did not envision that I'll have to actually build anything. Hey I am a software guy! (Though very down to hardware type).

The only question is why MOSFET sometimes burns when I plug the power (if it survives the power up, the thing works correctly forever), and Darlington does not.
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I just wrote Linux device driver for a simple device in 2 days. Only to find that I need some more performance. So now in a quest for performance I am staring at this pic:

Any guess what it is?

P.S. Looking at a pic URL is cheating!

P.P.S. And the answer is Read more... )


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