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Yet new elections are just around the corner, so new billboards have appeared in the neighborhood.

Green's credo again - atoms are evil (I hope they do not include Atom CPU brand and carbon atoms in their bodies (they could, after all their leader had publicly denounced mathematics as not a part of the God's creation (I knew it must be the devil who invented math!)))
Looking at this picture, the only thought I have is "OK, so greens want to replace nuclear power stations with coal. They want to import more coal from Russia". They usually argue that nuclear should be replaced with solar and wind, but they always forget about the difference between peak and base generation.

Then there is a Bavarian party.
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Ok, Bavaria is a donkey. It suffers from constipation (type one BSS), money is shit, and Germany and EU gets some from Bavaria. According to the picture, some fecesmoney is missing in transit.

Greens also try to exploit the surveillance theme.
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Stealing the agenda from pirates...

And here are the pirates:
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They write some of their posters in various european languages. Is this Czech?

The left party is campaigning against military export and interventions.
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They also would like to allow more refugees to Germany and treat them better.

But they are not the leftmost party out there. There are communists too! And do they really want a revolution?
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Alas they only mention Marx, without other two parts of the trinity - Engels and Lenin.

Viva Perun

Apr. 9th, 2014 09:32 pm
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I was chatting with a German friend, and he had complained that he owns a small plot of land, and would like to build a house there. Unfortunately there is a big tree in the center, and he is not allowed to cut the tree.

Many thanks to greens for instantiating these rules. There are many creative ways to help the tree to die, but they all leave traces. We've discussed couple and found nothing undetectable. Then he told me: "Would be great if a lightning strikes into this tree and it burns!"

"Bingo!" - I thought. Why not install a lightning rod on top of the tree before a thunderstorm? The lightning then will definitely hit the rod. If it is properly grounded, the tree would not ignite, but what if it is not grounded at all? Will the lightning hit? If so, will the tree ignite?


Mar. 27th, 2014 12:29 pm
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They had removed election propaganda (party banners) from the streets, and then put them back - new elections. The banners are all very similar and look like this one:

I did not know that Greens are not only advocating for replacing nuclear power stations with coal, preventing a second S-bahn link to be built (perhaps that is just because of NIMBY), and saving trees and animals from the harm caused by humans.


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