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Just got a final revision of my annual performance review for 2010. I did not expect anything special, it is my 8th, but this one is the most insightful I ever got.

Especially areas for development. I will exaggerate a bit as usual, but not too much. One of suggestions for improvement for me was a real observation of some anonymous colleague of mine that I should drink more beer and vodka if I am looking forward for career promotion here in Germany. Admit guilty here. In fact I have a headache not like normal ppl on the next morning, but on the very evening when I exceed my limit. I was thinking that I should improve my German for career in Germany, but looks like it is already passable with enough beer. I can imagine next year in self-evaluation form I will write: drank 100 beers and 20 bottles of vodka with colleagues.

Another one is that I should wear suit and tie when coming to some of the too serious high flying bosses of my clients. My geeky appearance sometimes distracts them. When I worked with finance industry and went to a meetings with engineers from big name investment banks I was wearing this kind of uniform, because everyone in the City and CanaryCannery Wharf does. But looks like I should dress up and behave accordingly when meeting with non-financial type of clients too! This one is easy to change – I can imagine next year in self-evaluation form I will write: bought 2 suits, was wearing those to 7 meetings ;)

I was also told that I often skip smalltalk and get straight to the point. I thought it is a good thing as saves everyone's time, but my boss and my wife think other ways. I always trust my wife :)


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