Mar. 21st, 2017

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Of course, I could not make it without a computer. But I did not want to use a laptop or smartphone, so I took this device.

It is an Intel compute stick, and first I thought it is pretty useless, so I did not buy it when it came out. But then I won it in a draw, and found a good use: every hotel room I stay in has a big screen digital TV that I never switched on until now. The device is powerful enough to run heavy photo processing software, so I edited my pics in the evenings.

How it helped internet detox? During one week, I did not read LJ friend feed, only checked facebook once, only checked work email twice, read only 5 articles on habrahabr, and read only about 10 pages of junk books. That is less than 5% of traffic I typically consume, so I feel almost sober now :)


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